Al Nooh

Structural and reinforced steel

We supply all kinds of heavy steel in various gauges and specifications. Our extensive range of materials, products and accessories for structural use and finishing details covers all our clients’ needs for any type of project, including rebar coils, beams, welded mesh, angles and much more.

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We offer a wide variety of top grade hardwoods sourced from international forests for creating high quality wooden interiors, including teak, walnut, red meranti, kempas, keruing, zebrano and wenge. We can also provide turnkey wood project solutions if required.


Whether it’s building, manufacturing furniture, producing flooring or construction form work – in fact whatever the application – we have a selection of the highest quality softwoods to do it, including Austrian white wood, pressure treated pine and Swedish pine.


Engineered wood

We have a vast range of high quality plywood products to tackle any project, such as regular, marine and film faced plywood, and a selection of natural-veneered plywood. We supply OSB, as well as ordinary, veneer and poly block board in various shapes and sizes. And we also stock a range of fibreboards that includes several kinds of MDF – among them ordinary MDF, moisture and fire resistant and melamine. MDF’s flexibility and shaping capacity make it perfect for building. It’s easy to finish and harder to split than natural woods and ideal for applications where you need a denser solution than plywood.

Tools, hardware, ironmongery and fasteners

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or running a professional workshop or construction site, we have all the tools and hardware needed to make the job easier and more efficient while saving time and money, from a simple screwdriver to power tools and heavy duty wheelbarrows and trolleys. We also stock a wide variety of metal accessories for doors, cabinets and cupboards. And let’s not forget fasteners. Sometimes taken for granted, they’re vital for completing most projects.

We supply coloured nails, finishing nails, screws, hooks, brackets – in fact everything needed for attaching, connecting and joining, from screws all the way up to large crane hooks.

Insulation and waterproofing

We offer an extensive range of heat, sound and electrical insulation materials and solutions such as foils, polystyrene board and polyethylene rolls and tapes. We can also supply everything necessary to protect a project from the harmful effects of water and heat, including polythene sheets, DPC and tarpaulins.


This versatile building material is available in a variety of forms and products for both heavy-duty use in construction and as design elements, including aluminium plain sheets, chequered plates, water drainage systems, manhole covers, access panels and more.

Industrial equipment and safety products

This is the number one priority on site and in the workplace and we offer a variety of products and equipment that can help you achieve the best safety levels. As well as personal protective equipment we also provide items such as scaffolding, ladders, safety and sling belts and warning tapes. Our products are designed to meet all local and international industry safety standards as required.

Sanitary wares

We supply a wide range of sanitary ware in a variety of styles and designs, including mixers, sinks, pipes and fittings, hoses, heaters, pumps, shower trays and much more. We have everything needed to give a professional touch to a kitchen or bathroom, whether it’s a major project or simply upgrading a room in a house.

Chemicals and adhesives

We stock a large selection of high quality chemicals from trusted names around the world for use at all stages of a construction project. Glues, adhesives, silicone, grout, paints and wood stains, thinners and lubricants are just some of the many chemical products we can provide.

Roofing and flooring

Al Nooh offers a variety of roofing solutions, with everything from plain and corrugated metal sheets to zinc-coated roofing tiles. We can also supply all the accessories required for installation and drainage purposes. Our flooring solutions include terrazzo and other polished marble tiles, vinyl flooring in tiles and rolls and parquet, to name just a few.

Interior walls and partitioning

Al Nooh carries a wide range of versatile interior wall and partitioning materials and products, including gypsum board, cement board, galvanized channels and studs, expanded metal mesh and lathing. We can also supply all the accessories required.